Increase in workplace accident reports

September 21, 2022 6:10 am

[File Photo]

More employees are coming forward to report injuries sustained at their workplaces and getting properly compensated.

Accident Compensation Commission of Fiji Chief Executive, Parvez Akbar says since 2019, applications have steadily increased and close to $10 million has been paid out to successful submissions.

“Compared to before, there’s certainly an increase in the payouts because our scheme is operating on a no-fault basis, and so previously many workers missed out on getting compensation under the old scheme because they had to prove fault and there were legal hurdles, you had to get a lawyer and deal with insurance companies so now more people are getting access to compensation.”

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Akbar adds the largest pay-out so far for an employment accident was a just below $100,000.

He says it is encouraging to note the increase in reporting of workplace accidents as it raises more awareness on creating a safer work environment for employees.