Incidents of Police brutality on the rise: Tudravu

January 11, 2021 10:30 am

Indiscipline in the Fiji Police Force is the worst it’s been in recent years.

Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu admits he is receiving numerous reports of alleged brutality and most of these are exposed initially on social media.

He adds a number of police officers have been suspended or sent on leave without pay pending internal investigations while those who committed serious offenses have been terminated.

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“I just want to let this police officers know that we are accountable to the members of the public and we are not above anything else so the service with humility is something that very important in terms of us trying to win back the confidence of the members of the public.”

Tudravu stresses that these incidents are not a reflection of the entire Force and policemen or women who abuse their authority will face the consequences.

“Because we are wearing this uniform we are not above the law. I’m trying to bring back the reality being a human being have the humility, service with humility that is something we are trying to inculcate the culture of respect.”

The Acting Commissioner admits public trust has been shaken by incidents of brutality exposed on social media, a reminder to those on the ground that nothing can be hidden from the public eye.

He adds there is now a three month in-house training for all officers to ensure service delivery gaps are fixed and the workforce delivers beyond expectations.

“A Police Officer is a beacon of hope when it comes to a complaint from a member of the public you don’t get your frustrations over-rule or overrun your emotions in the things that we do. So that is something we are trying to address in our training.”

The Force is also reviewing its system and processes to ensure duties are executed effectively and efficiently in the new year.