Improved Nakama Hot Spring opens

August 3, 2022 6:00 am

Local Government Minister Premila Kumar.

Savusavu Town now has an added feature that will undoubtedly attract visitors both locally and internationally.

The newly improved Nakama Hot Spring was officially opened by Local Government Minister Premila Kumar yesterday.

The site features an information bure, sitting facilities, information space, a walkway and three pools containing eight hot springs roped-off.

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Kumar says like every other landmark, it is the government’s duty to maintain it and the upgrade cost $75,000.

$60,000 was given by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and $15,000 by the Savusavu Town Council.

For decades the Nakama Hot Spring has served as a ‘natural kitchen’ where food was cooked.

This has also been maintained and space is available for Fijians who wish to sell their dishes.

Kumar says the attraction will go a long way in contributing to the economy of Savusavu.

The newly improved Nakama Hot Spring