Illegal gravel extraction an issue

June 17, 2022 4:55 pm

Illegal gravel extraction is an issue in all provinces around the country.

While speaking during the Naitasiri Provincial Council meeting in Kalabu this morning, Lands Minister Jone Usamate says this is a concern as some landowners are illegally making financial gains without the knowledge of other landowning units.

Usamate says this affects our environment negatively especially our food sources.

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He stressed it’s crucial to monitor illegal deeds as such.

“The other things that we are also encouraging is landowners themselves to play the primary role in gravel extraction so they earn maximum benefits from it. There are too many that others come and make use of the resources, they get most of the rewards whereas the people that are living there do not get the rewards.”

Usamate says the Naitaisiri province should work closely with the Lands and the Environment ministries to map out ways to address the issue.

The Ministry is advising landowners to help protect their resources for the future generation of the province.

The Naitasiri Provincial Council meeting ends today.