Human Rights Commission investigates alleged police brutality

November 16, 2019 12:30 pm

The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission is currently looking into the case of alleged police brutality.

It’s alleged that certain officers seriously harmed a suspect of crime who was brought in for questioning at the Navua Police Station earlier this week.

The Commission’s investigation team yesterday visited the station to check their records and confirms that the alleged victim of brutality was arrested on the morning of November 4th and was taken to the Pacific Harbour Police Post and interrogated by 3 police officers.

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The team also interviewed the alleged victim and medical professionals at the Navua Hospital.

The team will file its report after it concludes its investigation.

The Commission says it strongly condemns all acts of torture and brutality.

It also states if there is sufficient evidence of human rights violations, proceedings will be instituted.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho in a statement this week said he will personally oversee the investigation.

Qiliho says he has directed the Director of Internal Affairs to conduct a thorough investigation and to determine the extent of the involvement of police officers, who the victim is claiming had arrested him from his home in Navua and during the questioning process had poured hot water on him whereby he sustained burns.

This alleged act if found to be true is unacceptable and deplorable the Commissioner says, and he will not allow any member of the Police Force to think that he or she is above the law.

In addition, the Commissioner says he has sent a warning to the senior officers on the front line in that there is no place in the institution for corrupt and irresponsible officers whose actions have tarnished the image of the institution and the hard and honest work put in by many other officers.

The Commissioner reiterating that he wants to personally assure members of the public that any breach of the law by Fijian Police officers will be given priority in terms of investigations that he will personally oversee.