Heavy rain causes road closure in Labasa

January 6, 2022 12:26 pm

Several roads in Labasa are now closed to traffic and the public due to flooding at crossings.

The Fiji Roads Authority is urging motorists not to cross these flooded roads and crossings.

The Naduna Road is closed to all traffic as the Nakama Crossing is currently under water.

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Nasarava Road is also closed as the Nasarava Crossing is underwater.

The Konsami crossing and Dreketilailai are also flooded, hence the closure of Bulileka Road that leads to the crossing.

Waidamudamu Road near Vunimoli is also underwater and inaccessible to vehicles.

The Tabia Crossing, Qeleimumu Crossing, Urata Crossing, Qawa Crossing, Nasaqa Crossing at Delaikoro Road, Lovoniqai Crossing at Nayarabale Road, and Nayagalevu Crossing at Sevaci Road are all underwater at the moment and closed to traffic.

Soisoi Road, Coqeloa Temple Road, and Boca Loop Road are also flooded at the moment.

Motorists are urged not to attempt to cross the flooded roads and to drive with caution as rain continues in parts of Vanua Levu.