Two return negative for monkeypox

June 25, 2022 3:06 pm

Two individuals who were screened for symptoms similar to monkeypox have returned negative.

This has been confirmed by Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Doctor James Fong who says they were investigating three people.

These include a local citizen and two foreign nationals.

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Doctor Fong says all have travel related exposure risks.

He says two individuals have returned with negative tests while they await results for the third case.

The Permanent Secretary says their current position is that while monkeypox spreads worldwide, the evidence remains that it does not spread easily between people unless there is close contact.

He also says its amenable to localized public health measures with minimal to low social and economic impact.

Doctor Fong adds at present, WHO does not recommend that the Member States adopt any measures that interfere with international traffic for either incoming or outgoing travellers.

The Health Ministry had earlier stated that they continue to screen persons of interest and investigate cases that demonstrate symptoms similar to what is seen in monkeypox.

They further state where the index of suspicion is high they isolate these individuals.

The isolation precautions remain in place until either the cases are proven negative or if positive, isolation is maintained until lesions have healed well.