Showing up for cancer patients is important: Qalo

October 5, 2022 5:21 am

A group of women known as Suva Cancer Survivors is calling on women around the country to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

The group currently consists of 10 women, and group leader Salote Qalo says they lost another five members to the deadly disease this year.

Qalo says the five succumbed to cancer after a relapse, and this is why they are calling on women to always be alert about their health and wellbeing.

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“Last week we receive a telephone call from someone who was in the hospital, can you go to Lau ward, room number six, bed number one there are breast cancer patients there. What’s their name? We don’t know their names, so we pack everything and we went.”

Qalo is also calling on survivors and those fighting the disease not to lose hope and find happiness, as this is important.

She says it is also important to show up for those who are battling cancer.

Three survivors, including Qalo, were part of the Pinktober celebration at the Reproductive Family Health Association of Fiji yesterday.