Seven deaths from LTD

February 13, 2021 9:03 am

Seven people have died from Leptospirosis, Typhoid and Dengue Fever (LTD).

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong confirmed this to FBC News as they record an increase in the number of deaths from these diseases.

The Ministry has recorded five deaths in leptospirosis with 13 being admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.

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There are 160 confirmed leptospirosis cases nationally.

One death had been recorded for Dengue Fever, with two cases admitted in ICU.

There are 335 confirmed Dengue Fever cases in the country.

The Ministry has also recorded one death from Typhoid with two others admitted in the ICU.

53 typhoid cases were confirmed nationally.

Dr Fong says the trends according to baseline thresholds for each disease indicates that leptospirosis is above the expected level for this time of the year throughout the nation.

Dengue is below expected levels nationally except in Levuka.

He says there is a risk of a rise in cases, especially in the North, once the rainfall slows down and there is an increase in stagnant water pooling.

He adds typhoid is below the expected level- except for some clusters in Wainikoro and Naduri medical areas in the North.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has established clinical teams of specialists to facilitate community awareness and public health measures to reduce the risk of getting LTD.

They also carry out community screening to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of LTD and any other undiagnosed medical problems.

The Minister for Health and Medical Services has directed that they maintain the risk of LTD as they prepare for COVID-19 vaccinations.