RHD symptoms to be taken seriously

May 24, 2022 5:40 am

Erini Tokarua.

According to Cure Kids Fiji, Rheumatic Heart Disease is a chronic yet preventable non-communicable disease affecting mostly young people in the country.

Community Organisation Manager Erini Tokarua says RHD affects one in 50 children.

Tokarua says sore throat and skin sores in children are some of the symptoms that need to be taken seriously.

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“I urge everyone that when your child has skin sores and sore throats please take them to the health centre and get them checked. Ask if it could be rheumatic fever just so that we can stop our children from getting a disease that we can prevent. It’s a preventable disease.”

Tokarua says they are working with the Ministry of Health to raise awareness regarding the disease.

The Health Ministry has also partnered with Cure Kids to upscale oxygen delivery to all the health facilities by way of The Fiji Oxygen Project.