Medical staff harassed during lockdowns

August 8, 2022 5:20 am

[File Photo]

The Sub Divisional Medical Officer for Rewa Dr Sravaniya Dasi revealed that during the height of COVID-19, they faced a lot of harassment.

Speaking at a recent conference about the challenges of the pandemic, Dr Dasi highlighted a big issue their team faced over the 6 months was intimidation.

She says she received numerous calls from business owners, demanding her to let them out of the lockdown immediately.

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According to Dasi they even threatened her by saying that she should know they have their own connections.

However, Dr Dasi said her message to these calls was simple, and that she was just doing her job of trying to keep people safe.

Dr Dasi says it was not easy for them as after the ordeal, her team had to go through some mental check-ups which was critical in their recovery process.