High standard of wash facilities needed for children

September 20, 2022 6:20 am

Basic sanitation and hygiene services is important. [File Photo]

While a tremendous progress has been made, further attention is needed to make sure that all schools have the highest standards of WASH facilities for children, says United Nations Children Fund Pacific Representative Jonathan Veitch.

He made the comments during the commissioning of the ablution block at the Bhawani Dayal Primary School yesterday.

Veitch says water, sanitation and hygiene are important parts of UNICEF’s program.

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He says in the recently published Global WASH in Schools report, that 97 percent of schools across Fiji have access to basic water supply, 76 percent have access to basic sanitation and 70 percent of schools have hygiene hand washing facilities.

He also highlighted that 88 percent of households in Fiji have access to basic sanitation and hygiene services and that 23 percent of the population is connected to a proper sewerage system while 66 percent have septic tanks and safe disposal.

Veitch says while access to basic water services is high, however, only 31 percent have safely managed water.

“By safely manage we mean the water is from improved sources available when needed accessible on-premises and free from contamination. And the Ministry of Education is making a huge effort to make sure that is the case in every school in the country.”

He adds they will support the Education Ministry to ensure there is a high standard of wash facilities for children.