Health bill from NCD increases

May 22, 2022 12:35 pm

Dr Devina Nand. [Source: MOH/ Facebook]

The preliminary findings of a recent study reveal the cost of treating non-communicable diseases in Fiji has increased significantly.

Health Ministry’s Head of Wellness, Dr Devina Nand, says $591.41m is the cost to the Economy for dealing with NCD’s

Dr Nand says the lower estimate for the health bill from NCDs is around $362m, which is still considerable.

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“That money can be used elsewhere, and this is what we are calling for action on in terms of our population. How can we change this? How can we save this money and use it for better areas of development. NCD’s in our setting also include injuries. They include rehab care, nutritional deficiency, and also other long term care. NCDs are, of course, the highest cost to the economy.”

[Source: MOH/ Facebook]

Nand has expressed gratitude to the United Nations Development Program for their assistance with the study.

[Source: MOH/ Facebook]

Meanwhile, NCDs have remained the leading cause of deaths In Fiji, accounting for over 80% of total deaths per year.