Decline in leptospirosis and dengue cases

June 12, 2022 4:03 pm

The Health Ministry has noted a downward trend in leptospirosis and dengue cases with numbers now below the outbreak threshold nationally.

Health Minister, Doctor Ifeireimi Waqainabete says this is mainly due to the favorable weather that Fiji is experiencing at the moment.

“They are not zero but they are low and surveillance is good and the testing that’s done both at the hospitals and also at Fiji CDC at Tamavua hospital and health centers.”

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Fiji has recorded 36 deaths from Leptospirosis, 26 from the Western Division, four from the Central, and six from the Northern division.

The Ministry had confirmed 1,960 lab cases of dengue fever earlier this year and 730 cases were recorded in the Western Division.

Dr Waqainabete says the ministry continues to create awareness through its advocacy programs, highlighting the importance for Fijians to adhere to health safety measures.