COVID creates backlog in eye health treatment

August 9, 2022 4:20 pm

Doctor Luisa Cikamatana.

Cataract, uncorrected refractive error, and diabetic retinopathy cases have increased by two-fold over the past two years due to lack of access to eye health care services.

Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Eye Clinic Head of Department, Doctor Luisa Cikamatana says while there is no official figure or survey being done to identify the number of cases, eye health care partners are working around the clock to address the backlog.

“Now that we’re just picking up recovery, we really have to take this into consideration in looking at our backlog and see how we have to use our resources and concentrate on these areas. We have to deal with our backlog cases plus the new cases.”

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Doctor Luisa Cikamatana.

Dr Cikamatana says the two-day consultation in Suva will help address this issue.

The experts are looking at ways to streamline specialist care for rising vision impairment and blindness.