Blood shortage at CWM concerning

June 21, 2022 12:40 pm

Colonial War Memorial Hospital. [File Photo]

The Colonial War Memorial Hospital blood bank is constantly facing blood shortages.

CWM Blood Bank Laboratory Supervisor Neelam Devi says they need more blood donors in order to meet the need on a daily basis.

“There is an increase in the need for blood donations because at the moment our cases are going up because with technology there are new diagnoses and once the diagnosis improves, there’s an increase in the number of cases that need to go for surgery.”

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Devi says this is why they are now reaching out to families of patients in need of blood to cater for the shortage.

“Blood bank at CWM used to supply an average of 30 pints of blood per day but now our usage has gone up to 50 pints per day on average, or a little low or it increases for example.”

Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong, says the Ministry is also reaching out to the private sector for more donors.

“That’s always an ongoing issue. We have a blood donation program and it waxes and wanes in terms of our ability to get more people to donate.”

The World Health Organization noted that blood shortages are particularly acute in developing countries like Fiji.

The Ministry of Health says they are working on partnership programs to ensure this issue is addressed.