Hall renamed Brother Lambert Hall

October 4, 2022 4:19 pm

Old scholars of Marist Brothers High School and the institution have recognized late Brother Lambert, the school’s founder who passed away in 1982.

Today, the School officially renamed Lambert Hall as Brother Lambert Hall.

Ex-scholar, Doctor Rajat Gyaneshwar says the late leader left behind a school and name that is the pride of many and still holds the same respect.

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“It was a breeding ground for Prime Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, professional leaders, and business leaders, not just in Fiji but throughout the world. Our teachers weren’t only trying to give us information and knowledge, they were, in fact, trying to show us how to navigate life in all its complexities.”

This was an occasion for students, school administrators, professors, and former students to discuss the late founder’s contributions to the institution.

Students also took part in an essay competition on Late Brother Lambert’s life, which was won by Year 10 student Sailosi Ritova.
The prize for the award was $100 cash.