Grant focused on rural and maritime areas

July 4, 2022 6:20 am

The Women’s Fund Fiji together with its partners is committed to empowering women groups in rural and maritime areas through the provision of grant initiatives.

According to Program Officer Kuini Rabo, 40 percent of the grant applications received for this year so far are from remote areas of the country.

Program partners are reaching out to remote areas to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access such initiatives to help women grow.

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“One of our grantee partners rise beyond the reef, their reach is in the Tikina, in the Yasana-o-ba, Tikina-yaukete, and they also work in the Ra province, they work with the women in the north, Macuata, and they also work in Lomaiviti”

Rabo adds that the program also funds the health examinations and counseling sessions for women in these remote locations.

The organization mobilizes financial and non-financial resources for women’s organizations allowing interested parties to choose and apply for various programs.