Government continues to promote safe farming practice

June 21, 2022 4:20 pm

Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy [Photo: Supplied]

The government is committed to promoting the safe and sustainable use of farming practices.

Speaking during World Day to combat Desertification and Drought at the Navuso Agricultural Technical Institute, Agriculture Minister, Dr Mahendra Reddy says good farming practices will prevent land degradation and desertification.

Dr Reddy says the impact of bad agricultural practices on slope land affects the surrounding farming areas including soil health which subsequently leads to a low productivity rate.

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“The aim is to see what we can do to regenerate degraded lands. So for Fiji, we need to identify these lands, we need to start with our research in identifying these parts of the land which has been degraded or has subjected to desertification. For Example the land past Dreketi due to the extraction of bauxite. There are other places.”

Dr Reddy says Ministry in collaboration with relevant stakeholders continues to raise community awareness on the importance of protecting, preserving and managing our land resources for better ecosystem.

This will support, provide and protect our livelihoods with its pristine environment and biodiversity.