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Good faith in an employment environment is vital: Usamate

October 15, 2017 6:07 pm

In any employment environment it is important that good faith prevails at all times when parties deal with each other.

This was revealed by Minister for Employment and Productivity, Jone Usamate while commenting on recent reports that a secret ballot for strike was undertaken by the Federated Airline Staff Association (FASA) against Air Terminal Services (ATS).

Usamate says both parties should act in good faith as stipulated in the law as the parties had reached a Settlement Agreement which should be the basis on which parties move forward on matters affecting them.

He says his Ministry will continue to encourage the parties to dialogue in good faith to reach an amicable solution and understanding.

He also adds when relationships are based on bad faith, it’s not easy to break through pressures and issues that will result in either parties doing things that may not be within the ambit of the law.

This is evident in the conducting of the secret ballot by FASA last week which was not according to law and that any resulting strike will be unlawful.

The Ministry highlighted that it is important to have productive and ongoing relationships between employers, employees and unions.

This involves treating others fairly through acting honestly and without hidden motives, raising issues in a fair and timely way, working constructively and positively together to raise concerns or issues and responding to it as soon as possible and keeping an open mind, listening to each other as well as treating each other with respect.