Golden Age Home mothers get special treat

May 7, 2022 4:20 pm

Around ninety-five percent of Senior Citizens at the Samabula Golden Age Home are Indo Fijians.

Minister for Social Welfare, Rosy Akbar says this is concerning as some families are not doing justice to the duty of care and love for the elderly in their homes.

The Minister today hosted a Mother’s day lunch for at least 13 mothers from the Golden Age home.

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She adds this an occasion with so much mixed emotions, as the ladies realize that this will be another mother’s day away from their loved ones.

“To all the children, please give your Mothers the respect they deserve. Not only tomorrow but for the rest of the days. One day, we will also age. Aging is natural – we will not remain young all our lives. We will need the support of our children, love of our children, food, and health care.”

During the lunch session today, the Minister says it’s not easy to care for these mothers, and commended the hard work and dedication of the officers at the Age Home.

“Heaven lies in the feet of our mothers, then why this? So, you are getting this opportunity to earn some good blessings from the Almighty.”

The Minister wants all mothers to know that they are deeply appreciated and their worth cannot be measured.

She is urging Fijians to build a better and safer society for our mothers and women.