GOLD FM ROC market grows in leaps and bounds

November 20, 2022 4:20 pm

[Source: Gold FM / Facebook]

There is a lot of interest from vendors and entrepreneurs who wish to sell their products, at this month’s GOLD FM ROC market day.

ROC market organizer, Jordan Iliesa says they expected more vendors to come on board in these last two months, especially those who specialize in selling accessories and items that portray the festive season.

He adds they are thrilled about how the event has grown in leaps and bounds.

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“These past few months, especially this month we’ve been having a lot of vendors joining the ROC Market. We usually have only a few vendors, they only joined towards the Christmas time because they have Christmas homemade stuff that is available for our customers to use.”

Entrepreneur, Nanise Degei has been part of the event since January and says profits earned on each ROC market day in recent months have been overwhelming.

“Throughout this year, for ROC market it has been really really well for a small business such as ours.”

Over 90 vendors usually partake in this monthly event, and Iliesa is optimistic that the number will increase next year.