Galoa village women, player in plastic circularity

June 29, 2022 12:10 pm

Galoa Village Women Group.

The Galoa village women’s group is one of the players in the plastic value chain that are carrying out circularity and waste management work in the country.

Villager Diama Domoni says their group has a plastic repurposing project, in which they collect discarded plastic bottles and convert them to jewellery and décor.

“So, we have learnt that discarded plastic bottles are useful for us in the village. We have village tours in our village and this is where we are also able to showcase and sell our products. We earn money from it.”

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Domoni says this project started in 2018, after 15 women in their village were trained by an artist through an initiative by the South Pacific Tourism Organization.

Galoa village women’s group is also part of a three-day workshop organized by the United Nations Development Programme currently underway at The Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbor, which aims to bring together stakeholders in the plastics value chain to collectively co-create an innovative portfolio of interventions for plastics circularity – using Fiji as a deep demonstration site.