Free press must act responsibly: Reed

November 17, 2014 4:30 am

US Ambassador Frankie Reed says there needs to be a variety of people in the media from all races and cultures to be able to better understand issues on the ground.

Speaking at the Pacific Media Partnership Conference in Nadi, Reed also says she firmly supports a free press but one that also reports responsibly.

As a former journalist herself the Ambassador says being a responsible, ethical journalist goes across print media, blog sites and television.

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Reed recalled that as a student studying Journalism and Film there were not many people from her ethnicity on TV but that encouragingly over the years this situation has changed.

She also took a moment to commend the brave men and women, who continue to stand on the front line despite the dangers of being beaten up, threatened, attacked, jailed, and tortured and in some unfortunate cases killed to give answers to the questions of the public.