FRA clarifies bridge projects

September 30, 2022 4:10 pm

The cost of replacing bridges are more expensive when compared to previous years.

This was highlighted by Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Kamal Prasad following opinion polls in newspapers on the issue.

Prasad says FRA always builds temporary bridges to allow for traffic flow while they construct the new bridge which is costly.

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“I have seen some letters to the editor and people were talking about it so we just want to clear it out. The cost of the bridge is well in some places we are lucky and there is where we can realign our road. We can keep the horizontal alignment, it’s a safe radius so we are able to build the bridge right beside the old one, so the alignment doesn’t deviate much and where we see is safe. Where we see it’s safe to place the bridge in the same alignment, that’s where we put a temporary bridge.”

Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Kamal Prasad.

Prasad says they are working on seven bridges this financial year of which two will be completed in the next financial year.

40 other bridges are in design stages and 60 are in planning stages.