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Former pilot charged with murder takes stand

June 4, 2018 5:05 am

A former pilot who allegedly murdered his partner in Samabula nine years ago today claimed in court that on the day of his arrest, police officers threatened that they will kill and throw him in Colo-i-Suva.

Imshaad Izraar Ali who is charged with one count of murder took the stand in the Suva High court.

It’s alleged that on November 3rd, 2009, Ali murdered his de-facto partner, a kindergarten teacher – Rajeshni Sharma at her residence in Rewa Street, Samabula.

During cross examination in the Suva High court today, Imshaad Ali said that on the day of the alleged incident he was taken to the Suva mortuary to identify the body of his partner.

He said from there he checked into a motel at Robertson road in Suva.

Ali said all his stuff including his car was confiscated by the police and he was not allowed to take any items including his clothes out of the house in Rewa Street. He said he spent eleven days in the same clothes.

Ali said on 11th November, a police officer called him and informed him that investigations have been completed and for him to collect his car.

Ali said while on his way out of the motel, the next day four police officers intercepted him at Robertson road.

He said he got scared and got into the vehicle. Ali said as soon as he sat in the vehicle police officers started beating him up.

He said he was taken to Nabua police station where he was forcefully told to take off his clothes. Ali claimed he was again assaulted by four police officers and then taken to the Samabula Police station.

He also claimed that he was not given his rights while being caution interviewed.

The trial will continue tomorrow.