Food security adds to problems

May 27, 2022 6:45 am

Eighty percent of the world’s food insecure people live in regions that are prone to natural hazards and face high levels of environmental degradation, says the United Nations.

This has been heard during the UNDRR Global Platform in Bali, Indonesia.

The ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine has also fast-tracked the world towards a possible famine crisis.

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There are major concerns about some nations in the world facing the worst food shortages not seen in decades.

The United Nations World Food Program says as vulnerable and food insecure communities around the world deal with climate impacts, pandemics, food price inflation, and record numbers of displacement, development gains are being reversed at a faster rate than at any other time in the twenty-first century.

FPA’s Gernot Laganda says governments are faced with the need to respond to more compound, protracted, and cascading crises at a time when the system for international humanitarian aid is reaching its breaking point.

To move from risk to resilience, WFP says there is an urgent need to harness the capacities of the humanitarian system for disaster risk reduction.

It adds that we need more of a people-centred approach to disaster risk management and enhanced early warning and anticipatory action to protect the most vulnerable.