FLP Leader claims police harassment

August 6, 2022 6:45 am

The Fiji Labour Party Leader is claiming his supporters are being harassed by the Police.

Mahendra Chaudhry in his claim, says that in two separate incidents last week, CID officers from Suva showed up in the West asking questions about FLP’s meetings.

Chaudhry says this is not only an abuse of office and authority; it is also unlawful under the Electoral Act for anyone, including Police officers, to interfere in the campaign activities of political parties.

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He adds that a complaint has been lodged with the Electoral Commission calling for an inquiry into the alleged breach of the Electoral Act by the CID officers.

The FLP Leader claims that in the first incident, four CID officers went down on Monday to question Labour supporters and prospective candidates following a meeting held in Korovuto, Nadi, on July 28th.

He further alleges that when asked based on whose complaint they were conducting the inquiry, the officer replied they were acting on the instructions from the Commissioner of Police.

Chaudhry claims in another incident, two CID officers visited a home in Navia, Ba on July 29th, enquiring whether he was having a meeting there.

He says they left when informed the meeting was scheduled for that evening, saying they would return, but didn’t.

Questions have been sent to the Fiji Police Force about the allegations made by Chaudhry.