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FLP grounded in old ways of thinking claims Anendra Prasad

October 10, 2018 7:30 pm

Strong claims that the Fiji Labour Party is grounded in old ways of thinking and failing to bring about change have been made by one of the party’s longest-serving members, Anendra Prasad.

Speaking to FBC News, Prasad revealed the FLP is not ready or open to bringing about the much-needed change within the party in order for it to reflect in its policies.

Prasad says this is the reason why he has decided to join the National Federation Party.

He claims the Fiji Labour Party has never taken into consideration changes to take the country forward.

“I’ve been with the FLP for the last 24 years and I was very loyal to the party and I have seen there is a need to bring change and I’ve gone through campaigning and I see that people want change.”

Prasad claims the FLP’s indiference to change its mindset is costing them votes.

“There was a time for the FLP and maybe in the coming years there might be a chance for the FLP but at this time I cannot see that because there are three major parties in parliament and there is a support for the National Federation party.”

Meanwhile, FLP President Lavenia Padarath has wished Prasad well in his new political affiliation.

“It is a free country they have to join whatever party they prefer and that is what they have chosen. They were with us before and now they have chosen to go the other way.”

Making the switch over to the NFP, Prasad believes FLP has nothing new to offer to the people of Fiji and that the NFP would bring about change if elected.

Prasad as well as Rosarine Lagi have left the FLP to run under the NFP ticket in the upcoming General Election.