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Flooding prompts more road closures

October 15, 2018 11:01 pm

Several roads are closed off in the Central, Western and Northern Division due to flooding caused by heavy rain from last night and early this morning.

In the Central Divison, four roads in Korovou have been closed off and two in Naqali.

In the Western Division, six crossings have been closed off.

In the North – affected road are Soaolo Bridge on Nabouwalu in Natua and Valeni Bridge on Wailevu West Coast in Savusavu.

Buca Hill to Navaqiqi on Bucabay Road in Savusavu is open and motorists are advised with drive with caution.

The Fiji Roads Authority is closely monitoring the situation for all divisions.
If roadways are flooded, the public is urged to take a detour as floodwaters can be deceptively strong.

In the Central Division:
 Waidradra Crossing, Vatulili Road, Naqali
 Naivoco Crossing, Naivoco Road, Korovou
 Waiwatu Crossing, Navulokani Road, Naqali
 Waimalua Crossing, Nawiwaivusa Road, Korovou
 Colata Cocoa Crossing, Colata Cocoa Road, Korovou
 Naboro Cocoa Crossing, Naboro Cocoa Road, Korovou

In the Western Division – Rakiraki:
 Savusavu Crossing
 Burelevu Crossing
 Namunamu Crossing
 Mataso Crossing
 Drekiti Crossing
 Vunikavikaloa Crossing

Road Status: Waimari road – surface flooding – partially open
Katudrau road – river overflow – partially open.


Flooding prompts more road closures

April 5, 2016 11:41 pm

Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer Rory Garland says water levels in rivers and streams are still very high and rising rapidly.

Roads are now closed in Rewa, these include Naitalesese Road
Dawakato Road
Vuci South Road
Toga Road
Crossing at Lokia Road
And Buiduna Road.

In Korovou, roads are closed at:
Bucalevu temporary crossing in Bucalevu Road
Colata Crossing closed in Colata Cocoa Road
Waioli Crossing in Navulokani Road
Wailotua No.2 Village Access Road and Wailotua Road- Bridge underwater
Ovalau Circular Rd is closed in Levuka.

In the Northern division, roads are closed in Labasa, these are:
Wainikoro Road in Vunivutu
Navakuru Crossing in Nakorotari Road
Qelemumu Bridge in Qelemumu Village Road
*Bulileka Road in Labasa is open to 4 wheel drives only

All roads in the Eastern Division are open.

However, Jetty Road in Kadavu has had a washout which affected part of the cause way but traffic is still accessible.

All roads in Kadavu are still open to traffic.

FRA is closely monitoring the situation of the roads for all divisions and expect many more roads to close throughout today.