Flood warning and alert remains

February 20, 2016 2:12 pm

A flood warning remains in force for the following areas:

Low lying areas downstream of Dewala station along the Labasa river, Nayavu station along the Wainibuka river, downstream of Nabukelevu station along the Navua river, Nairukuruku station along the Wainimala river, Keyasi station along the Sigatoka river, Sabata station along the Navua river and downstream of Ba bridge station.

The areas that have been put on flood alert include:

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Low lying areas adjacent to Labasa town, Rewa bridge station; Sabata station to Navua town, Nabukaluka Station, areas adjacent to Waidina river, downstream of Dewala station, areas downstream of Waimanu station, Vatukacevaceva station, areas adjacent to Rakiraki town and all low lying areas within the Nadi catchment.