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Firework sales increase over the years

October 15, 2017 5:03 am

Despite the ban on selective fireworks few years ago, businesses have noticed an increase in the sales of fireworks.

One of the oldest importers of fireworks, Mahesh Syndicate says there is more competition as more businesses are now selling fireworks.

Mahesh Syndicate General Manager Vinay Kumar says a lot has changed since the inception of selling fireworks as it used to be limited to a few shops back in the days, but now it’s a different story.

“Competition is very rife, consumers got the option of buying very cheap ones or they can buy the expensive ones, it’s up to them. The market is very open now, before like 20 years ago you couldn’t buy in supermarkets, some supermarket would sell it not all, now you getting all supermarkets , so people when they go for grocery shopping they can there too.”

Kumar says the safety of its consumers is their top priority.

“For importers like us we are concentrating more on safety and quality and we do not compromise on that so you know the good thing is now that consumers have the options of buying variety of fireworks and also many of the fireworks are very restricted now and we are limited to certain items that we can import in and almost all the importers have adhered to the requirements.”

People can still use fireworks from 5pm to 10pm daily and on the day of Diwali fireworks can be used from 5pm till mid-night.