NFA spent thousands in the past three days

October 5, 2022 2:10 pm

Sugarcane fire. [File Photo]

The National Fire Authority has spent an estimated $16,000 over the past three days attending to grass and bush fires.

Chief Executive, Puamau Sowane says the authority is concerned with the recent increase in the number of grass and bush fires in the Western Division.

He says they continue to receive numerous calls on grass and bush fires and the current dry and windy conditions in the West have easily spread fires, posing a threat to nearby properties.

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This comes after a team of fire officers attended to a major bush fire incident at Tuvu in Lautoka on Monday afternoon.

Sowane stresses the fire team fought the fire and managed to extinguish an Energy Fiji Limited power post that was on fire.

He adds a house that had been vacant for a long time was also destroyed.

He adds that since January, the Western Division has recorded 408 bush and grass fires, of which 211 were recorded in September alone, and 33 from Monday to date.

Sowane says the Western Division also recorded 100 cane fires and 53 rubbish fires from January till today.

NFA is reminding the general public that fire safety is imperative for everyone and it’s every individual’s responsibility to ensure that they adhere to fire safety precautions to avoid such incidents.