NFA clarifies calls regarding Nadonumai fire

September 23, 2022 6:10 am

Site of the fire in Settlement in Lami. [File Photo]

The National Fire Authority clarifies that the 910 Fire Emergency Number was operational and responded to calls regarding the fire in the Nadonumai Settlement in Lami last Monday.

Chief Executive Puamau Sowane was responding to the Fiji Times article dated September 20th, where the headline highlighted a failed call to 910.

Puamau says the first call 910 responded to was at 4.49 pm regarding the Nadonumai Fire.

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NFA Chief Executive Puamau Sowane.

He says the call that gave all relevant information regarding the fire was received at 5.23 pm – 30 minutes after the first call.

“Imagine if we received the correct information from that time alot of things would have happened. 30 minutes to respond is alot of time. We now hope that members of the public can arrest personal queries that normally elevate from misreporting or half information provided to the public from some media outlets from our initial official press releases.

Sowane is urging the media to write about facts, as such articles are misleading.

The National Fire Authority is also requesting members of the public to provide relevant information regarding any fire incident to help the NFA work accordingly.

The Nadonumai fire destroyed two houses and claimed two lives, including a six-month-old baby last week.