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FijiFirst set for another term

November 17, 2018 5:12 am

FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama is set to be sworn in as Prime Minister once again for another four year term.

According to calculations by the FBC News team, FijiFirst is now in a position where it will clearly end up with more than fifty percent of all eligible votes in the 2018 general election.

Although the data entry for the last few ballot boxes are still continuing, a final official result declaring FijiFirst as outright winners with a majority of either 27 or 28 seats in the 51 member parliament is expected in a couple of hours’ time.

Based, on our calculation the three parties eligible under electoral process and who have met the five percent threshold to be eligible for a seat in parliament are FijiFirst, SODELPA and the National Federation Party.

The total number of votes received by the three parties is 348,745, with FijiFirst having 179,900 votes, which is over the 50 percent needed to form Government.

SODELPA has 142,402, while NFP has 26,443.

It’s been a hard fought campaign, a campaign that had obstacles mostly in the form of ethnicity, religion and personal attacks…

At the end of debates on Sunday heading into the blackout period, it was hard separating the parties as Fijians headed to the polls on a wet Wednesday morning.

Now three days after, FijiFirst is set to be back in power, with either 27 or at least 28 seats.

Bainimarama’s policies has worked for most, albeit he has lost ground from his 2014 outing.

In 2014, Bainimarama managed to get 202,459 votes while his party tallied, 293,714.

However, Bainimarama’s promise of security and stability has worked and his opposition’s trick of dangling carrots in front of Fijians has not brought about successes.

NFP’s fancy manifesto, did lure some and the party set to have at least the same number of seats as in 2014, or could even have one more.

The confidence of having lured Indo-Fijian voters didn’t work for NFP, while SODELPA’s regulars have lost out on votes, pushing leader Sitiveni Rabuka to the top of the ladder.

SODELPA is set to increase its number of seats in Opposition from the last outing.

FijiFirst managed to pull in massive support from the West and Central division, which sets the platform for their return to power for another four years.

The party managed to also get good support in the Northern Division.

Based on projections and with final results still yet to be announced tonight, FijiFirst will now work on forming a Government with a majority, and new faces in their lineup of MPs.