Fijians welcome bus fare subsidy

August 6, 2022 4:25 pm

Members of the public have applauded the move by the government to subsidise bus fare costs for the next six months.

FBC News spoke to some Fijians today, and many have welcomed this change but some feel more can still be done.

The new bus fare charges will assist Fijians across all sectors of the economy.

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Rang Samy of Samabula says he is happy as the government recognises the plight of Fijians.

“We have to see both sides of the bus owners and also the expenses they have and increase in fuel prices. The government knows more than us because they are dealing with the public and also the bus owners.”

Social welfare recipient Luisa Balinimua says she is grateful for this support.

“I am thankful because we are listening to what has been decided by the government because we cannot argue any further.”

Market vendor Manju Lata says she travels from Makoi to Suva three days a week and this change will assist her to reduce her bus fare expenses.

“They should put more down, at least $1.20, so we can manage something. I know the tables are free, but we need money. The grocery bill has gone up and the vegetables, we have to struggle.”

A sum of $6 million has been allocated in the budget for this scheme.