Fijians urged to maintain COVID safe measures

November 29, 2021 5:00 am

The Coronavirus new variant Omicron is a reminder that Fiji will continue to face a threat from the COVID-19 and its many variants.

Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong says the most important step every Fijian can take in response to this variant is to become fully vaccinated.

Dr Fong says Fiji is one of the highest vaccinated countries, however, it will be safest when we achieve as close to 100% coverage as possible.

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He adds Fijians must continue to adhere to all other health protection measures.

“The threat of cases coming in through our borders will always be there for as long as the word pandemic is applied through the world. The only way we protect ourselves is by ensuring good adherence to our COVID safe measures.”

The Permanent Secretary says Fijians should avoid contained spaces and crowds to reduce the risk of transmission.

The Ministry is currently establishing genomic sequencing capacity within the Fiji Centre for Disease Control to process any positive samples of concern.

In a release last week, the Ministry expressed disappointment as they have noted that COVID safe measures in public indoor spaces, in public transportation over land and sea, and organized outdoor gatherings are being increasingly flouted and ignored.

The Ministry says poor compliance to COVID safe measures is also more clearly visible in major businesses facilities.