Fijians prepare for hip-hop battle

June 23, 2022 4:25 pm

Nadi is counting down to hosting the country’s first-ever hip-hop battle next month.

Vou Dance Group Business Development Manager, Revesi Konrote says the FMF Thumbs-Up Hip-Hop Championship is shaping up to be a platform for talented dancers with hopes to make it an annual event.


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“Fiji has so much incredible hip-hop talent and VOU really wanted to create a platform where we could showcase all these amazing talents and we came up with this Hip-hop Championship.”

Hip-hop dancing has been trending lately and the championship will also be an opportunity to scout new talent.

The Festival Company owner, Sheline Ali, says they are hopeful this event will solidify hip-hop dancing in Fiji’s tourism entertainment sector.


“With hip-hop being a growing genre in the Pacific, we took the opportunity to hone our local talents and we want to give them the space and the atmosphere to grow in the hip-hop scene.”

The winner of the championship will also be a brand ambassador for FMF.

The FMF Thumbs-Up Hip-Hop Championship will be held on July 23rd.