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Fijians lined up by 6am to cast vote in Navua

November 13, 2018 11:24 pm

Fijians eligible to vote turned up as early as six-thirty this morning to cast their vote at Rampur Primary School in Navua today.

More than fifty people were already lined up waiting for the polling process to start at 7.30am despite the weather conditions.

Many came either by foot, by vehicle or rode bicycles to arrive at the polling venue early to make their votes count and to avoid long queue.

65-year-old Kamlesh Sen who was at the polling venue at 6am left home disappointed two hours later after he was informed by the officials that his voter identification card was invalid.

Sen says he just had his card replaced last week.

“Yes I am disappointed. I really like to vote but I can’t. Last election I was here. I made this new card here. So I voted last time and this year I came to vote but they say this card in invalid.”

79-year-old James Sasan was also among those voters who came in early to cast his vote.

He says the first time he voted was when he was 19-years-old.

Sasan says a number of developments have taken place more than forty-years.

”Big change, whole of Fiji being changed in terms of what the government is doing developing every place in the country and island.“

Over two thousand one hundred people are expected to cast their vote at the Rampur Primary School polling venue.