Fijians in Tonga rush to safety

January 15, 2022 6:52 pm

[Source : Iliesa tora/Facebook]

Fijians residing in Tonga say they need prayers as volcanic eruptions continue to be experienced.

Former Fiji Journalist, Iliesa Tora, and his family were amongst hundreds evacuating to higher ground this afternoon after another volcanic eruption followed by tidal waves were experienced in some parts of Tonga.

In a live Facebook video, Tora who now resides in Nukualofa was transporting his family saying they are escaping to higher ground.

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He says at around 5pm Tonga was already dark and volcanic ash was in Nukualofa.

[Source: 1news]

Tora got emotional while pleading with Fijians to keep their fellow countrymen residing in Tonga in their prayers.

Another Fijian, Mataitoga Jonacani says it has been over a month now since the volcanic eruption began and today there were several eruptions.

He says the eruptions were loud and scarier every time each time there was volcanic activity with heavy smoke billowing into the sky.

Pictures and videos widely circulated on social media show some parts of Tonga are completely dark and residents rushing to safety following the eruption.