Fijians in Afghanistan will only leave if situation worsens

August 23, 2021 12:35 pm

[Source: Google]

Five Fijians who are based in Afghanistan say they are safe and well.

Speaking to FBC News this morning, one of them who is living in the capital Kabul, says they keep tabs on each other and share information on the situation.

They have stated that they will only leave Afghanistan if the situation worsens.

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The Fijian national spoke under the condition of anonymity and says he and three others are in Kabul while the others are in Mazar and Khandahar.

They say the situation is calm in the 3 cities.

The man says he has been out and about in Kabul conducting assessment and supporting the UN evacuation flights in the last couple of days, and has noticed that the usual traffic congestion has decreased significantly as most people are staying home.

He says there is an evacuation flight coming in almost every five minutes, however, movement within the country is challenging at times.

Meanwhile, one other Fijian in Kabul is expected to relocate to Almaty in Kazakhstan later today.