Fijian pays tribute to the late Queen

September 9, 2022 1:12 pm

Elisha Bano [left] while receiving an award from the late Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2015.

A young Fijian woman who was a Queen’s Young Leaders Awards recipient has paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth today.

Elisha Bano, who represented Fiji, was among 60 young people across the Commonwealth who were recognized as exceptional leaders in their community and received an award from the late Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2015.

Hearing of the passing of the Queen this morning, Bano reminisced on the memories of meeting the late British monarch.

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She said she is very honored to have met the Queen in person, which is something she will always cherish.

Bano describes the late Queen as an engaging leader who took the time to speak with and listen to young people about their perspectives on the Commonwealth and the future they see for it.

“When we did meet her she was just this very lovely lady and I think for me what stood out for me was when I went to get my award from her and she was like oh Fiji, she very fondly remembers Fiji and that’s one of the great things you get to have a small conversation with her.”

She adds the late Queen is an inspiration.

“For me as a child growing up, I had always seen her to be this woman in very high power and it was like you can’t go above the Queen, she is the law in that sense and so for me a lot of young girls get to see that woman can do anything.”

As a Young Queen Leaders recipient, Elisha had also been selected to chaperone Prince Harry and Meaghan Markel during their visit to Fiji in 2018.

The late Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmore surrounded by family members.