Fijian Government prioritizes health and wellbeing of youths

November 29, 2020 4:25 pm

The Fijian government prioritizes the health and wellbeing of youths.

At the closing of the Empowerment training on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Bala says sexual and reproductive health and rights are a crucial part of youth’s lives.

He says the training and the knowledge it brings, in turn, enables young people to make more informed decisions regarding their own sexual health.

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He adds the government is committed to providing workshops and short courses to individuals.

Kumar says the empowerment training focused on empowering the youth participants with information to help them make healthy lifestyle choices and skills to be able to actively contribute to their communities and society.

Youth participant Alvin Prasad says he feels motivated to create awareness on sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and teenage pregnancy to youths in his community.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, in the financial year of 2020/2021, has conducted a total of five pieces of training on SRHR that has seen the participation of 232 youths.

The event, which was a five-day training that took place at the LDS Church Hall in Nausori, saw a total of 55 youth participants graduate from the SRHR training.