Fijian Election

Vote wisely, says Usamate

November 21, 2022 4:40 pm

[File Photo]

FijiFirst candidate Jone Usamate is calling on voters to vote wisely on December 14.

Speaking to Kalabu villagers in Naitasiri, Usamate says a good government is one that looks after its people and ensures that the economy thrives.

He says this has been achieved by the current government, and they want to continue that legacy.

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He told the villagers that as someone who grew up in Kalabu, he knows the struggle of parents to send their children to school, but FijiFirst came in and made education free.

He also stressed that under the leadership of Voreqe Bainimarama, landowners are able to receive royalties from their land.

He adds that prior to Bainimarama’s leadership, there were entrenched provisions to protect itaukei lands; however, lands were slipping out despite these provisions.

He says FijiFirst was able to pass laws that address this.

Usamate says other political parties are now claiming they want to bring change.

The current Infrastructure Minister asks these parties to tell the people what changes they want to introduce, as FijiFirst has already implemented many changes that benefit Fijians and the economy.