Fijian Election

Tui Cakau desperate for power: Raimuria

November 30, 2022 10:58 am

If you want Cakaudrove to flourish, do not vote for Sitiveni Rabuka or the Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu says Fiji First Candidate Meleti Raimuria.

Speaking at the party meeting in Nanuca Village in Buca Bay last night, Raimuria says the type of politics practiced by Rabuka and Ratu Naiqama will impact the whole province.

Raimuria, who is the traditional kingmaker to the Tui Cakau also labelled the two, the Father of Coups.

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He told Nanuca Villagers, his support for Rabuka and the Tui Cakau in 1987 and the years after put him behind bars and he suffered the consequences.

Raimuria says the two are desperate for power having changed parties over the years, from SVT to Matanitu Vanua, to SDL, SODELPA and now the People’s Alliance.

He says it’s high time the Tui Cakau goes back to look after his people and lead the Vanua instead of wanting to be in politics.

He told supporters in Nanuca that he has even mooted the idea to the Tui Cakau who then responded that only death will stop him from being in politics.

Raimuria says he is not against Ratu Naiqama’s chiefly status but his political status.

He has pleaded with voters – that if they want Cakaudrove to progress further, they have to vote for FijiFirst as they have a track record of making things happen.