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Taniguchi makes formal complaint against Biman Prasad

September 23, 2022 6:36 am

Hiroshi Taniguchi [left] and Biman Prasad

Controversy still continues to reign in the halls of the National Federation Party as recently fired National Federation Party provisional candidate Hiroshi Taniguchi made a formal complaint to the elections office about his former party leader today.

Taniguchi has not revealed details of his complaint today however he told FBC News earlier that he is not pleased with what he calls the “shockingly disgusting” Whatsapp messages allegedly sent by NFP leader Biman Prasad to his wife and that he would be lodging a complaint in regards to the issue.

Taniguchi has shared the alleged messages with FBC News but has requested for it not to be made public in order to protect his wife.

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Senior members of the NFP have been asked by FBC news to comment on the saga but to date, there has been no response, except for threats of legal action against the FBC by Biman Prasad.

It’s a controversy that no political party needs in an election year.

Taniguchi is on the warpath and he’s not pulling any punches about his allegations of NFP Leader Prasad’s messages to his wife.

“When I read message from Biman I was so shocked very disgusting.”

Taniguchi has shared with FBC News 39 screen shots of messages allegedly exchanged between his wife and Biman Prasad.

However, he has requested FBC News not to make the screen shots public in order to protect his wife.

FBC News sent Biman Prasad the screen shots and asked for his comments about Taniguchi’s allegations.

Prasad responded with threats of legal action saying:

“You have messaged me about certain matters in connection with former NFP proposed candidate Hiroshi Taniguchi. I decline generally to respond to FBC on the basis that FBC is not objective or fair in its reporting on NFP matters. I maintain that position.

However you also appear to have presented me with selected screenshots of online conversations between Mr Taniguchi’s wife and me for comment. You have also said you are “giving [me] the opportunity to respond before we publish the story”.

I have taken legal advice. I do not know what “story” you intend to publish with respect to these screenshots but I caution FBC and any individuals responsible for publication about any defamatory meanings that emerge from any such publication. Whether or not I reply to your questions does not make a difference to any legal liability those persons bear in respect of any such defamatory meanings. For your information, legal action by my lawyers is in preparation for other defamatory publications by FBC which concern me. These legal proceedings include allegations of malice. ”

Taniguchi says he was disrespected and treated unprofessionally by Biman Prasad.

“He knows my number, I really wonder why he didn’t call me and instead of calling me he called my wife and sending her the disgusting mail, I was shocked.”

Questions were also sent yesterday to NFP party president Pio Tikoduadua and party general secretary Seini Nabou on what the party intends to do about this controversy with its party leader and how this saga is going to affect the NFP’s chances at the ballot box.

Both have declined to respond so far.

Comments have also been sought from Shamima Ali of the Women’s Crisis Centre.

She too is yet to respond.