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SODELPA criticizes bigotry articles

November 28, 2022 12:40 pm

[File Photo]

Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader Viliame Gavoka has condemned inciting articles and videos about Fiji that are continuously published on overseas websites.

According to FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama, the articles are posted by a person in India who is supposedly being paid by a Fijian national to promote racial strife and bigotry in our country only for the sake of votes.

However, Gavoka stated he is unsure whether one of his colleagues from the other opposition parties is behind this.

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But he says for SODELPA, the members play by the rules and they have goodwill towards everyone.

“SODELPA does not condone anything that is said about any community, any race or against any religion Fiji. We are a law-abiding party, we believe that everything has to be done through legitimate means and that is through Parliament which is the supreme law-making body of this country.”

Gavoka adds Fiji has no place for people who create rifts between communities and religion.

He further states that SODELPA candidates are focused primarily on the party’s policies when they conduct campaign meetings around the country.