Fijian Election

Rational debate on same-sex marriage needed: Browne

December 2, 2022 12:20 pm

The People’s Alliance Party candidate Cecil Browne

A question on whether The People’s Alliance Party would allow same-sex marriage if they get elected into power was posed by a resident of Raiwaqa last night.

In response, candidate Cecil Browne stated that this topic could be discussed and debated further.

“We have to talk to the people, get a consensus, get an understanding of what it means then take it from there but I am not at liberty to say yes or no because I’m not sure yet.”

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Browne says the party has discussed same-sex marriage and has decided that the way forward is to consult with as many people and groups before a decision is confirmed.

He adds that this is not a priority area of the party, so it is imperative for the team to discuss this issue with relevant stakeholders to ascertain what this will mean for Fiji.