Fijian Election

Pre-polling commences in Nasele, Naitasiri

December 5, 2022 10:20 am

[Source: Fijian Election Office/ Facebook]

The Electoral Commission has launched pre-poll in Nasele Village in Naitasiri, where 128 voters are registered to vote.

The Fijian Elections Office says 18,836 people are expected to cast their votes today in 152 pre-polling venues around the country,

There are 24 pre-polling venues in the Central Division, 52 in the Eastern Division, 42 in the Western Division, and 31 venues in the North.

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[Source: Fijian Election Office/ Facebook]

The FEO has also released a map on its website where the green key indicates venues where polling is currently in progress and the red key is for venues that will start polling sometime later today.

[Source: Fijian Election Office/ Facebook]