Fijian Election

Postal voters cannot vote at polling stations: Saneem

November 29, 2022 4:40 pm

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem has clarified that an approved postal voter cannot go and vote at a polling station on Election Day.

Saneem adds that the approved postal voter also cannot vote during pre-poll at their polling station.

He says now that the Voter List for the 2022 General Election has been finalized, every single polling station has a fixed number of voters.

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The SoE stresses there will be no more changes done to this list.

Saneem says this means that any person who applied for a postal ballot has now been marked off on the Voter List for every polling station.

“Please note that postal voters cannot go on Election Day to a polling station and say to our staff take my postal ballot. They cannot accept it at the polling station. You have to give it back to FEO, not the polling station. Polling stations are not our offices.”

Meanwhile, two political parties have access to the Final Voter List.

Saneem says the People’s Alliance, and FijiFirst have paid $1, 000 each as required by the law to obtain the copies.